PonyApp gets to know Karen Polle's new mare, Sari

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Karen Polle (JPN) is a PonyApp favorite. She's risen to the top of the sport on her incredible bay geldings, With Wings, Kino and Little Lord. But last month she added a bay mare to her string, and PonyApp had to find out more!

Sari and Karen

1. Name
"Her name was Unicstar de L’Aumone, but now it’s Sari."

2. Age
9 years old

3. How did you find her?  
“I had seen lots of videos of her with Sergio Moya, at GCT shows and shows like that. I was in Berlin over the summer and I saw her in person there and she jumped amazingly (she was on my team, actually). And then she jumped really well again in Calgary during the Masters and I really wanted to try her!”

4. Breeding 
“Her grandfather is Quick Star”
Sari and Kino

5. Does she remind you of any of your current or past horses?
“I think she’s a mix of two of my Junior Jumpers/Grand Prix horses, What Ever and Bottom Line, who are both really fast. She’s very handy and listens really well, like What Ever, and I don’t need much leg at all, like Bottom Line.”

6. When is your first show together?  
“I’m not exactly sure when, but it will be in Florida.

7. How does Karen Polle try horses? Do you test them over anything in particular?
(Huge oxers, big doubles, water jumps)
“We usually don’t jump super high actually. We always jump a vertical-oxer double. I like to jump a line if I can, to get a sense of the horse’s stride length and adjustability. A course would be even better but sometimes that’s not possible, depending on where we are.”

8. Why are you so obsessed with bays?
“Bays are the best obviiii. My best horses have all been bays except for one gray. I would love to get a gray again though!”

9. You mostly have geldings, so happy to see a mare! Does the gender matter at all to you? 
“It doesn’t matter to me, but I’m very, very happy to have a girl again! When I was doing the Junior Jumpers, I had all mares except for Wings. And now this year I’ve had only geldings. I think a special mare is really tough to beat, because they have that extra fight and heart.”
Sari in the field
10. What’s her personality like on the ground? 
“She’s very sweet and gentle. She seems a little reserved right now, but I think she’s probably still a little shy since she’s only been home now for a week and a half or so.”

11. Wings in so smart, he knows when he’s in the jump off and is like a laser beam. Kino is a big scopey monster who needs a 1.80m class, and Little Lord has legs that fly around so fast you can hardly see them. What is she like in the ring? 
“Well I’ve never shown her so I don’t know for sure, but from watching her and speaking to Sergio, she looks hot and fast, but not aggressive. He said she knows when it’s show time and she jumps extra well when she’s in the ring. I hope that’s the case with me— we’ll find out!!”

12. What type of class and what type of show do you think she’ll do best in? 
“One of the reasons I’m so excited for her is her versatility. She can jump a big 1.60m Grand Prix, and she can also win a speed class or a jump off. And she’s done very well in all sorts of venues with Sergio, including sand, grass, indoors, big rings, and small rings. So I’m hoping she’ll be good in all different types of shows and classes.”

13. What will you work on to make her a better horse? 
“I think she knows what she’s doing, so I’m mostly going to work on improving my own skills so I can give her a good ride each time we jump and compete.”

If you want to follow Karen's career then follow her on Instagram: http://instagram.com/karenpolle

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